BLAKGOLD x Olatunji – Floor Tom

Written by on 30th January 2017

Official music video for BLAKGOLD & Olatunji’s 2017 single “Floor Tom”, shot on location in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The artistes traveled together to Johannesburg, South Africa and met up with a production film crew. They partied together, performed together, and met many people and artists alike in the studio and on the streets…this video is the result! This is the first release off of BLAKGOLD’s upcoming album Fresh Unity!

BLAKGOLD is an international group made up of artist/producers Cylenz, Kestler, and The Wixard, from Trinidad, Canada, and Jamaica, respectively.

Performed by BLAKGOLD & Olatunji
Produced by BLAKGOLD.
Written / Published by: Ian “Cylenz” Lee (SOCAN), Justin “Kestler” Keszei, (SOCAN), Nastassja “Wixard” Hammond (BMI), Olatunji Yearwood c/o FOX FUSE LLC (BMI)
Label: Down The Islands / BLAKGOLD Music (2017 All Rights Reserved)

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