Ataklan – Gold Dust | 2018 Soca

Written by on December 1, 2017

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Title: Gold Dust
Artist: Ataklan
Written by:
Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez.
Produced and Mixed by: System32
 Mastered by: Nicko Rebel at Rebel Kultcha Studios, Miami.
Executive Producer: Mark ‘Ataklan’ Jiminez for TAJ Records.
Cosmic connections between two people are rarely formed in the vast infinity that is simulated within the characteristic environment of festivals across the globe — with throngs of people, bombastic music and constant movement. However, when two entities on the same wavelength collide and that connection is made, it is rare and precious as “Gold Dust”. The feeling of wanting to share the excitement of sound, color and splendour is kismet.
The recognition of kindred energies intrinsically locked in a spontaneous and dynamic cosmic dance is the metaphor that is encapsulated in this track and it serves to remind us of the stardust from which all of us are made.
It is a melding together of Soca and Dance as well as the longing for connection that is facilitated and even encouraged by festival music, reminding listeners “when opportunity comes to be with the one, to share this feeling rain or sun….”
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