Is Calypso Dead? What did the autopsy say?

Written by on 14th November 2016

The question on whether calypso is dead or dying has persisted in every territory, island and nation that Calypso occupies real estate.

As a leading practitioner of the art form, over the years in and out of Trinidad and Tobago, the Last Bardjohn of Calypso has sat on many panel discussions, interviewed by the media, Primary, Secondary and University students, quizzed by supporters and jeered by the critique on the said subject matter.

Throughout his illustrious career the Bardjohn has delivered sterling commentaries on politics and critical social issues. He has and continues to please his fan base who await in anticipation to hear his latest offerings.

For the 2017 season and fittingly launching in “Calypso History Month” the Bardjohn addresses the topic as none other can, “Is Calypso Dead?”. Inspired after serving as a panelist on a Bocas Lit Festival Production titled “Is The Calypso Dream Dead?” the Bardjohn used content derived from the panel discussion as well as from audience interaction and participation to pen the lyrics of his latest offering titled “Calypso Alive” – a.k.a Bad Injection!
The track takes a critical view and highlights pertinent issues plaguing the Calypso fraternity.

“Charity begins at home and while there are many political and social issues hanging out there, I have decided to address an issue closer to home, an issue that I am personally passionate about, and a passion that is shared by many others.”

In true Bardjohn style the song minces no words and provides scenarios where certain attitudes, actions and patterns may actually lead to Calypso’s day of reckoning. Ultimately the Bardjohn declares that Calypso is alive and will outlive all those pronouncing her demise. The song begs for unity, peace and love within an art form perceived to be divided by chronic pettiness.

Calypso is alive, go tell it to the mountain!!!

Composed By: The Last Bardjohn of Calypso – Kurt Allen
Produced By: Kenny Phillips – KMP Music

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