Fire Online radio and listeners mainly Grenada and the wider diaspora is morning the lost of Tangler whose birth name is John Allard. He came from a Ahoma in Tivoli, St. Andrew’s, Grenada. John “Tangler” Allard won the road march title on two occasions with super Soca songs like “Ting Doh Work”, “No Work No […]

Dash Winning Performance “Hit After Hit” || Grenada Groovy Soca Monarch Finals 2017 New Day Riddim produced by Sandman

Candle – Doh Panic Official Music Video Directed and Produced by Sonix Productions and DCJ Photography Edited by Sonix Becky Look Him Contact Information for Candle: or 14734560175/14734205789


Results of Soca Semis 2017: 16th – 284 – Cloud 5 15th 285 – Andrew “Hits” Phillip & Valene Nedd 14th – 286 – Bubba 11th – 288 – Mr. Walkie, Squeeze Head & Candle 10th – 289 – Scholar 9th – 291 – Sheldon Douglas 8th – 296 – Muddy 7th – 303 – […]

[wptpa id=”53″] Title: Jab Brutal Written by: Hollice Mapp “Mr Killa” Produced by: Adigun x SaltySoundz Mixed and Mastered by: Adigun Productions Graphics by: Royal Creations

[wptpa id=”49″] The first release for SpiceMas 2k17 from Hollice Mapp “ Mr Killa ” is the up-tempo party starter hailing the unique and unorthodox style of Grenadians when it comes to “feting” or “Playing A Mas” as it’s locally called. It also makes mention of the key elements – Soca, rum and gal. Title: […]

[wptpa id=”48″] There there is nothing like a new day. Starting afresh with an empty slate. Hitting the reset button. Many long for that new beginning so that they could right past wrongs, see someone that they’ve lost, enjoy life more or relive a single defining moment. The music behind the New Day Riddim represents […]

[wptpa id=”47″] This vintage/modern riddim resonates naustalgically through the ages of Caribbean soca. The Groovy swing reminds the listener of something that they’ve heard before, but you’ll be hard pressed to say what it actually was. Sandman hand selects the cast of artists that he believes compliments the music in their individual unique ways. The […]

[wptpa id=”46″] The Jab High Priest Synnah tells the People of Grenada that the time has come for them to appoint A Jab Jab as their leader . That it is only fitting that a nation of 100,000 Jabs be lead by a Jab Jab.

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