Michael Robinson – Different Side Of Me | 2017 Soca

Written by on 9th May 2017

Artist: Michael Robinson
Song: Different Side Of Me
Produced by: Ransum Recordz
Written by: Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson: ‘Different Side of Me’
Michael Robinson shows off a “different side” on his latest musical offering. ‘Different Side of Me’, produced by’Ransum Recordz’, is a fusion of soca and pop and when the two merge, it’s undeniably sweet.
The song starts off with a catchy electronic beat and Michael’s honeyed sound follows shortly after: “Some man come for di war, I come for all dey woman dem,” he sings, making it known that from day one, he’s all about the love.
You’ll want to listen to this one on repeat, with the volume as loud as possible. And most importantly, pay attention to the lyrics: they will bring out a side of you, you never knew existed-a good side, a different side.  It’s edgy, it’s raw- it’s pop and soca at its best.
This song is from his upcoming album ‘Shades’.
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