New Day Riddim produced by Sandman

Written by on 2nd July 2017

There there is nothing like a new day. Starting afresh with an empty slate. Hitting the reset button.

Many long for that new beginning so that they could right past wrongs, see someone that they’ve lost, enjoy life more or relive a single defining moment.

The music behind the New Day Riddim represents the possibility of that second chance. The opening percussive instruments are followed by the evolving sunrise pad backed by the first drum can easily paint a lucid image of a morning sunrise in the listener’s mind. Each artist’s song expresses their personal direction on that second chance. Dash promises you another ‘Hit’ with commanding vocals and intertwining harmonies. Lil Vaughn reminisces on life and its fragility and encourages you to ‘Celebrate’ fife while you can. Mr. Gold’n goes into full ‘Party’ mode with his soothing, laid back yet prominent acoustics. Blaka Dan uses his second chance to execute a ‘Last Horn’ after promises of abandoning his infidelities.

Finally, Sandman goes right up in your feelings while he sings to who knows who so that they would ‘Remember’ him. All of the songs are bound together by the acoustic guitar played by Jeavid Neckles and the delicate composition of Sandman himself. Aquarion studios presents to you the New Day Riddim…Look forward to your new days. Embrace them. Live life!

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