Precision Productions and R.City with “One Life”!

Written by on 11th April 2018

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Precision Productions and R.City are powering you into VI Carnival 2018 with “One Life”!

Finally, VI Carnival in St. Thomas is here! Time again to unleash that vibrant essence and ready your physical selves for the ultimate reign of revelling spirits.

Precision Productions is ushering in this thrilling adventure with the potent Power Soca single, “One Life”.

Written and sung by world-renowned U.S. Virgin Island veterans, R.City, the release is a rambunctious call to melodically master any obstacle threatening to block the crazy joy this celebration brings.

Crafty lyrics are bounced off of a roiling beat, stirring listeners to reach out and catch hold of everything that this time of year has to offer.

Described by the team, as a heavy hitting Power Soca with a haunting electronic twist, this track is aimed globally and will have bodies wining across festival stages, hearts pulsing in Parisian dancehalls, and fists thumping wildly in smoky Dubai clubs.

Gripping and enduring, this is the one to disrupt restraints and remind us all, that we only get one chance to live this “One Life”, to the limit!

Title: One Life
Artist: Precision Productions ft R.City
Producer: Precision Productions
Composers/Writers: Timothy Thomas/Theron Thomas/Kasey Phillips
ISRC: QM-R6Z-18-00002
Publishers: T N T EXPLOSIVE Publishing (ASCAP)/Precision Global Publishing (c/o FOX FUSE LLC) (BMI)
Label: Precision Global Music Ltd.
Copyright Notice: © 2018 Precision Inc., Ltd

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