Skinny Fabulous – “Good People” Music Video

Written by on 26th May 2017

GOOD PEOPLE – “A feel good soca track of an encouraging and uplifting nature”
Good People is meant to applaud the good conscience that we are all blessed with from time to time. It serves as a reminder that we are all equip with the ability to fight evil/negative forces at play in our lives and the ability to make the right choices. We can all be good people, no matter our circumstances, because we are all God’s people.

Performed by: Skinny Fabulous Feat. Azariah Gibson, Darron Andrews
Written by: Gamal Doyle
Produced by: RB Music, Kubiyashi
>Back Vocals: Gamal Doyle, Azariah Gibson
Violins: Darron Andrews
Mixing & Mastering: Keron “Scratch Master” Hector
Copyright COTT / Kubiyashi Productions

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