St. Lucia 2017 Carnival Results

Written by on 19th July 2017

Road March:
1st: Ricky T – “Sully” (46 plays)
2nd: Mac 11 – “Bend up your Back” (11 plays)
3rd: Subance – “Bad in Bum Bum” (10 plays)
4th: Ambi – “Knock it Already” (8 plays)

Parade of the Bands
1st: Tribe of Twel – “Wi Mama Mi Matlo” (122 points)
2nd: Just 4 Fun – “Escape” (111 points)
3rd: Royalites – “Sunset to Sunrise” (109 points)
4th: Fuzion Mass – “Greatness in the Sands” (106)

1st: Back In Time – “Music: The Life of the Party” (395 points)
2nd: Mudsters – “Glow in the Mud” (366 points)
3rd: Jouvert Jammers – “Carnival Babies” (270 points)
4th: MBC – Skittles – “Follow the Rainbow” (253 points)

Calypso Finals
1st: Mighty Pep (776 points)
2nd: Solange (736 points)
3rd: Morgie (721 points)
4th: Nintus and Herb Black (tie 716 points)

Power Soca Monarch
1st: Rick T – “Drunkard” (392 points)
2nd: Islah Man – “Drunk & Disorderly” (389 points)
3rd: Esra D Fun Machine – “Give Thanks” (365 points)
4th: Subance – “Bad in Bum Bum” (358 Points)

Groovy Monarch
1st: Arthur – “Over & Over” (449 points)
2nd: Nerdy & Shemmy J – “Bouncing” (414 points)
3rd: Q-Pid – “Boss Lady” (396 points)
4th: Ricky T – “Sully” (388 points)

Panorama Results
1st Babonneau Steel Orchestra (335 points)
2nd Laborie Steel Orchestra (295 points)
3rd PanTime Steel Orchestra (291 points)

Inter-Commercial House Winners (tie)
Leann “Lilly” Beausoliel
Alden “Spoiler” Raphael

Queen Show
1st: Chancy Fontenelle – Ms HTS
2nd: Claire Marissa Smartt – Ms Massy Stores
3rd: Lisa Marie Faustin, Ms Vybe Radio
4th: Jozel Cooper, Ms Pierre Marcel




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