2018 Soca

  Gwada Riddim: Take us back in time when we use to Jam to sounds of just whistles, conch shell and congo drums. Gwada Riddim reminds us of just that. Our sound. Our culture. Our heritage on one¬†riddim. Last year we brought you the #ForceItRiddim, this year, TeamFoxxMusic introduces the great Gwada Riddim featuring BUNJI […]

  Physique Riddim: Prepped to strain those gyrating muscles and unveil exactly what you are made of. We are not even going to attempt to be fair. The Physique Riddim, our first for 2018 is plain old discrimination. Only those with the right “Physique” will be able to handle what we are about to slam […]

  When the music has you going “CRAZY”… It’s not a feeling of insanity but the love of the music flowing through your body touching your soul. Like the rhythms of the drum you must follow the sound of the music. SOCA is the destination and the music is the path way. This collaboration is […]

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